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For many years, lotions, creams, suspensions and solutions of various natural (herbal) and therapeutic (drug) substances have been applied to the skin. When it comes to treating pain, sexual dysfunction and other disease states that emanate from structures of the body below the skin, topical therapy is not effective unless the therapeutic agent can cross the outer layer of the skin (stratum corneum) which acts as a protective barrier. This layer consists of numerous dead cells and cells in transition, which collectively forms an effective barrier to penetration of substances, such as bacteria, in the air or in water. Thus the stratum comeum plays an important role in protecting the body from invasion by harmful substances.

It is this same protective role, which has posed a major challenge over the years regarding devising a mechanism that can effectively permit the stratum comeum to allow therapeutic substances to be delivered to structures within the body.

Therapeutic Areas and Products:

  • Nauseasol
  • Skin Renou HA
  • Generic Cialis
  • Kenestrin Gel
  • ViorraTM
  • XILIVE (In Development)