Current Partners

  • Easton pharmaceuticals has partnered with BMV Medica SA de C.V. and together, own the exclusive distribution rights in Mexico and Latin America for patented women’s diagnostic and preventative care products from CommonSense of Israel and other companies, along with two generic cancer drugs, Paclitaxel and Docetaxel from BioLyse Pharma of St. Catherine’s, Ontario, Canada.
  • Easton has recently closed on an agreement with Alliance Group for property and various businesses.

Bayer is an innovation company with a more than 150-year history and core competencies in the fields of health care and agriculture. We develop new molecules for use in innovative products and solutions to improve the health of humans, animals and plants. Our research and development activities are based on a profound understanding of the biochemical processes in living organisms.

smartCanadian pharmacy works, among other services that can be accessed at Smart Canadian pharmacy, with support for uniform application of concepts, terms, coding systems, classifications, information structures, and standards. The introduction of new healthcare information environments provides great opportunities for improved interoperability within and between different actors.

For this reason, we organized an internal governing body for structured healthcare information, within the framework of local system for knowledge management. The healthcare information environment of the future will make it easier for both patients and residents/other employees in the healthcare system. New technology and new working methods will simplify the work and provide more time for patient work, which is the focus of the company.

Medica Sur SAB de CV is a Mexico-based company primarily engaged in the healthcare sector. The Company manages hospitals, emergency and diagnostic centers, medical laboratories, organ and blood banks, as well as an accommodation place. It provides medical services within various specializations, such as anatomic pathology, cardiology, gynecology and obstetrics, neonatology, neurophysiology, odontology, oncology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, otolaryngology, pediatrics, radiology and imaging, as well as radiosurgery.

In addition, the offers medical tourism services and distributes drugs. It forms a part of Mayo Clinic Care Network. The Company operates through a range of subsidiaries, such as Corporacion de Atencion Medica SA de CV, El Portal Medico SA de CV, Servicios de Administracion Hospitalaria SA de CV and Telemed SA de CV. The Company is owned by Neuco SA de CV.

Gedeon Richter plc is a Hungarian multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. It is one of the largest companies of the industry in the Central and Eastern European region and has operations in over 40 countries.

The company sells products for gynecology, the central nervous system, and cardiology areas among other therapeutic areas. The company was established in Budapest by Gedeon Richter, a pharmacist, in 1901. The establishment of his firm marked the beginning of the development of the Hungarian pharmaceutical industry.

Gedeon Richter plc has a primary listing on the Budapest Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the BUX Index. It had a market capitalisation of approximately $4 billion as of November 2015, the third largest of any company with a primary listing on the Budapest Stock Exchange. It has secondary listings on Euronext.