Tadalafil Professional (Cialis 20mg)

Cialis Professional is represented by active substance, tadalafil, in the dose of 20mg in each pill. The medication is issued by renowned international pharma companies, Sunrise and Combitic Global. Cialis Pro differs from other generics with its undeniable quality, i.e. the medicine has a better clearance of active component. Due to this effect, the impact is stronger, and side-effects occur much rarer.

The main advantage of this drug is selective influence on male sexual system. This important discovery allowed solving a number of male problems without any harm for health or pernicious influence on organs and systems of organism.

All in all, tadalafil blocks PDE5 resulting in direct increase of cyclic guanosine monophosphate synthesized under the impact of nitrogen oxide in response to sexual arousal. This is the way a standard process of sexual excitement and erection occurs. Tadalafil is able to increase cyclic guanosine monophosphate level several-fold. And in the meantime, it has a soft and natural effect leading to occurrence of qualitative and long-lasting erection. Tadalafil differs from other PDE5 inhibitors by record-breaking useful action lasting up to 36 hours. During this period, with presence of sexual stimulation it is possible to have a number of successful sexual intercourses. Clinical trials haven’t found any negative impact of tadalafil on spermatogenesis.

Read This Warning Before Using

The medication has a number of restrictions:

  • In case of confirmed fact of hypersensitivity to tadalafil or other ingredients in the composition of Cialis Professional;
  • It is inacceptable to use Cialis Professional and medicinal products containing nitrates of any kind;
  • Strict restrictions concerns age and sex; Cialis Professional is not to be taken by persons under 18 years of age; women and children;
  • Limitations apply in respect of the cases when due to a number of diseases, a person is contraindicated to intensive sexual activity, especially when it comes to patients suffering from cardio-vascular disorders;
  • It is dangerous to administer Cialis Professional in case of pronounced cardiac rhythm impairments, hypotension or hypotension;
  • It is not recommended applying the medicine in combination with other remedies for erectile dysfunction.

Cialis Professional in the dosage of 20mg is to be taken perorally with water 30-40 minutes prior to the expected sexual intercourse. It is possible to have sex within 36 hours which is quite convenient while planning the weekend leisure – one pill will allow solving all problems in intimate sphere during a couple of days.

Patients suffering from the problems with functioning of kidneys and liver, as well we persons above 65 years of age are not required to select the dose individually. Nevertheless, if a patient has a number of chronic diseases, it is appropriate to consult a specialist before applying Cialis Professional. Specialized medical consultation is required before the drug’s usage regardless of good indications and compatibility with other medicinal products. With this in mind, it is important to consult attending doctor, therapist, cardiologist, endocrinologist, and other specialists. They will help to select optimal dosage for intake and determine with possible restrictions for use of the medication.

Dosage 5mg or 20mg: What Is Better?

Cialis Professional contains maximal daily dosage of 20mg of tadalafil. But either Cialis original or generic are issued in two doses: 5 and 20mg. What dosage is better and more efficient? The dose affects the onset time of erection and its duration. For initial use of Cialis, doctors recommend administering 5mg of tadalafil. Starting with minimal dose, it is possible to select optimal, safe dose for an individual. Cialis Professional instruction to use reads that 5mg of tadalafil may be applied for treatment of erectile dysfunction in a therapy course. Five days after the intake of pills with this dosage, maximal concentration of tadalafil in organism is achieved. Thus, a man can have several sexual intercourses any time. Daily administration of 5mg pill removes light symptomatology of erectile dysfunction and takes a positive action on psycho-emotional profile. Thus, minimal dose is approved for a daily use.

When a man is not limited to time frames, he may have sex when he wants. According to multiple reviews of men and physicians, 20mg Cialis Professional is used for a one-time intake. Such dose allows eliminating symptomatology of impotency on a single occasion, but not curing it. Due to high concentration of tadalafil, erection occurs in 10-15 minutes after medication’s intake. Positive effect will preserve up to 36 hours. Hence, 20mg of the drug is to be administered not oftener than once per 2-3 days.

Possible Side Effects

In case of overdose or intolerability of drug’s ingredients, a patient may experience vertigo, headache, nasal congestion, dyspepsia, blushing, and vision changes. Adverse effects connected with Cialis Professional intake are either insignificant or moderate; they are transient and reduce along with continuance of the drug intake.