Contrary to company tweets, one will find more answers to questions about EAPH on IHUB then they will on the company forum. I see topics have been deleted and all topics have unanswered questions.

1. Who is Windsor Pharma?
2. Who is Alliance Group/Partners/Ontario 1124123?
3. What’s going on with iBliss?
4. What’s going on with 3rd product launch?
5. What’s going on with cancer drugs?
6. Why is Easton or Alliance group (or whoever they are) listed as licensed to grow MJ in Canada?
7. Where’s revenue from iBliss, company announced the deal was closed months ago?
8. Where are revenues from the two products already launched in Mexico?
9. For 4 years the company has said it is hiring a 3rd party to audit the books, do you need phone numbers of these companies?

Check out iHUB for answers, you won’t find them here.