Easton Pharmaceuticals and BMV Medica Announce Eva Pro as Brand Name for Its Line of Patented Women’s Diagnostic Tests for the Mexican and Other Latin American Markets; Trademark Registration of Individual Product Names, Logos and Packaging Has Commenced

TORONTO, ON–(Marketwired – Jun 23, 2015) – Easton Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OTC PINK: EAPH) announces that Easton and BMV have decided on Eva Pro as brand name for its line of patented women’s diagnostic tests for Mexico and possibly the Latin American market. The Eva Pro brand will include both the already secured vaginal infection diagnostic test and most likely the amniotic fluid leak test for late pregnancy. Easton / BMV move toward Trademarking and provides update on Latin American market.

The name Eva Pro has been selected by Easton and BMV Medica for its patented women’s diagnostic product that has been licensed from Common Sense Ltd. of Israel who licensed the product to other multinational pharmaceutical companies in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Easton and BMV have begun Trademark registration for the name and are working on completing logo and packaging with unique product names. Pictures can be viewed on BMV’S website at http://www.bmvmedica.net/en/products/#prettyPhoto/4/

Easton / BMV believe the name is a good representation of the line of products for women who require a professional, patented and certified test able to deliver quick accurate results. In addition, Easton / BMV are near completing discussions to acquire the exclusive licensing rights for the rest of Latin America representing an estimated 400,000,000 population where half are woman and 1 in 3 could use a Point-of -Care vaginal infection test at some point in their lives.

Easton and BMV have entered into an agreement based on a 50 / 50 profit sharing and have begun the process of assembling a World-Class Medical Advisory Board to help guide the Company in the Women’s Health arena. Based on the invaluable knowledge and recommendations from its Medical Advisory Board, Easton/BMV expect a rapid ramp-up in sales once these exclusive diagnostic and treatment options are launched. Additional updates will be disclosed as they become available.