Easton Pharmaceuticals to Enter Into Clinical Safety Trials of VIORRA for North American Market

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TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwire -09/13/11)- Easton Pharmaceuticals Inc (PINK SHEETS: EAPH), a specialty pharmaceutical company that designs, develops, and markets a premium array of topically-delivered therapeutic healthcare products announced today the company is in the process of formalizing a plan to enter into North American clinical trials of VIORRA as a precursor to future North American product launch.

Easton is formulating a strategy to undertake additional clinical trials, which involves entering into an estimated 6 month clinical trial program at various well established clinic(s) within North America. Easton’s highly skilled team of doctors and consultants shall provide input into the scope and process including the various clinics being contemplated for the trials. The total scale and depth of the trials are dependant on various factors including sufficient capital to fully complete a well detailed trial and analysis on all possible safety issues prior to any marketing of the product in North America.

Any North American clinical safety trials do not necessarily imply Easton cannot proceed to the launch of VIORRA in various other markets outside of North America where such safety tests are not required prior to any marketing of the product including Mexico and other Latin American and East Asian markets. Such foreign markets possess their own internal requirements which are independent of any North American standards.

Easton Pharmaceuticals has previously undertaken various clinical trials of VIORRA and obtained positive efficacy results which has led the company to believe it would act as an effective over-the-counter aid for the treatment to restore and improve vaginal moisture and elasticity promoting a positive effect on women’s sexual desire and arousal FSAD (Female Sexual Arousal Disorder). VIORRA is a topical, daily-use product formulated with ingredients classified by the FDA as (GRAS) Generally Recognized as Safe.

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