Easton Pharmaceuticals to Attend and Introduce Its New & Existing Product Line at the Total Health Show

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TORONTO, ON–(Marketwired – Feb 20, 2014) – Easton Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OTC: EAPH) a specialty pharmaceutical company that owns, designs, develops, and markets an array of topically-delivered drugs and therapeutic / cosmetic healthcare products, today announces it will attend and present at the Total Health Show to be held on April 4,5 and 6 in Toronto, Canada.

Easton Pharmaceuticals will be attending and introducing its over the counter product line at the Total Health Show in April of 2014. The total Health show held in Toronto on April 4, 5, and 6 is the biggest health show in Canada and one of the biggest in North America for displaying non drug related, natural, therapeutic health products, considered one of the biggest in North America with many well known quest speakers. The show will allow Easton to introduce its natural therapeutic products which includes a new wound healing product along with other select products including “VIORRA,” an over-the-counter aid for the treatment to restore and improve vaginal moisture and elasticity which is believed to have a positive effect on women’s sexual desire and arousal FSAD (Female Sexual Arousal Disorder), VIORRA is a topical, daily-use product formulated with ingredients classified by the FDA as (GRAS) Generally Recognized as Safe.

In addition to attending the Total health Show, Easton Pharmaceuticals is attempting to book its presence at the expowest and expoeast health shows, North America’s biggest health and trade shows to display all types of therapeutic health products.

In other developments, Easton pharmaceuticals and its negotiations on its medical marijuana initiatives with a private B.C. company are progressing well with what are believed to be some minor details prior to reaching a final agreement. The B.C. company has been approved and granted a national growers / distributors license in the country of Canada for medical marijuana. The company anticipates closing on an agreement acceptable to both parties in the coming days, followed by additional news and comprehensive details.

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