Easton Pharmaceuticals Provides Update on Initiatives Towards Its Cancer Drug “Xilive” and Its Mexican Government Regulatory Filing Submission for “Viorra”

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TORONTO, ON–(Marketwired – Dec 11, 2013) – Easton Pharmaceuticals (OTC: EAPH), a specialty pharmaceutical company that owns, designs, develops, and markets an array of topically-delivered drugs and therapeutic healthcare products provides update towards its 2 main initiatives, its minority ownership interest for its early stage cancer drug “Xilive” and on its Mexican government regulatory filing For Its “Viorra” product.

The Company is attempting to allocate its financial resources in the most cost effective manner possible. As a result of the company’s recent purchase of its minority ownership interest in its early stage Cancer Drug “Xilive” and the positive feedback received, Easton Pharmaceuticals has shifted its main focus towards “Xilive” and initiating some form of early stage clinical trial testing program as well as continuing with its government approval process for “Viorra” in Mexico and other Latin American countries. Easton Pharmaceuticals has initiated discussions with both in-house consultants as well as third parties who have prior knowledge and experience with bringing such a testing program forward with both the FDA and within other countries such as Mexico and Canada. Due to cost and regulatory reasons, the Company and the current majority owners of its cancer drug “Xilive” believe the best course of action for “Xilive” is to attempt to initially enter into some form of testing protocol outside of the United States prior to entering into more expensive FDA recognized clinical trials in the United States. The Company believes its best to initially focus towards other jurisdictions such as Mexico, Canada, Italy, Germany and various other countries including China where costs are deemed greatly reduced and regulations are considered quicker, much less stringent and more favorable towards allowing the use of early stage cancer drugs such as “Xilive” to be utilized on prospective Cancer patients in controlled trials. Although certain states in the United States allow for the use of experimental cancer Drugs on compassionate grounds, such drugs would still fall under the regulations of the Food and Drug Administration which will require some type of approval process prior to being used on any prospective patients. Countries such as Canada and certain Provinces such as B.C. have less regulated processes and allow for the use of early stage drugs to be used under certain exemptions and circumstances. However, various countries such as Mexico and other European countries, namely Germany and Italy are considered the most open towards allowing the use of early stage experimental cancer drugs such as “Xilive” and other treatments. The company is presently attempting to develop relationships with certain cancer clinics and physicians as well as patients from North America who currently travel to these countries for treatments. It is estimated that each year many thousands of individuals suffering from cancer travel to these countries for treatments, which are not available in the United States.

In other initiatives, through its consultants in Mexico, Easton Pharmaceuticals believes it is close to sourcing out a manufacturing and distribution partners in Mexico for its “Viorra” product. Such manufacturing partners are considered FDA certified facilities as well as being more cost effective than if it was manufactured in the United States or Canada. BMV, the companies consultants in Mexico who are presently spearheading the regulatory and filing process in Mexico strongly believes the company could gain government approval within the first half of 2014 where sales through a distributor being sourced out by BMV will commence shortly thereafter. The companies updated website is expected to be brought online shortly where certain products can initially be purchased by consumers in North America. It is currently in the process of manufacturing a large batch of its final version of “Viorra.”

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