Easton Pharmaceuticals Announces the Launching of Hempstral SA, a New Hemp Based Anti Ageing Product & Reaches Marketing Develop and Distribution Agreement With HempLifeToday.com

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TORONTO, ON–(Marketwired – Feb 27, 2014) – Easton Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OTC: EAPH), a specialty pharmaceutical company that owns, designs, develops, and markets an array of topically-delivered drugs and therapeutic / cosmetic healthcare products, today announces its has designed and launched its new Hemp based product, Hempstral SA, and has reached an agreement with Hemp Life Today, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Links Corp. Hemp Life Today will assist in developing a marketing and distribution program as well as both companies jointly developing a new line of innovative Hemp based products to be marketed on the HempLifeToday.com website, for US and global distribution.

This agreement between Hemp Life Today, LLC and Easton Pharmaceuticals will allow both companies to be better positioned and place them at the forefront of developing, marketing and worldwide distribution of Hemp based and other type of products utilizing the HempLifeToday.com website. The first Hemp product will be introduced at the Total Health Show in April with the showcasing of Easton’s newly developed Hempstral SA, an anti ageing skin moisturizer product designed by Easton pharmaceuticals to combat and prevent premature ageing and sun damaged skin. Hempstral SA consists of high quality hemp oil, which can now be legally obtained from US based producers following changes in federal and state laws. Hempstral SA will be transdermally delivered through skin tissue using Easton’s pharmaceuticals transdermal delivery matrix and formulations, which are patented and / or patent pending, utilized in various other products. Other Hemp based and traditional type products are expected to be introduced which will involve the expertise of Easton Pharmaceuticals to design products, and Hemp Life Today to effectively market, distribute and drive sales.

“We are very excited with our new relationship entered into between Easton pharmaceuticals and Hemp Life Today. We look forward to featuring these amazing new Hemp based products on our site,” stated Tim Zorn, President of HempLifeToday.com. With Hempstral SA and other subsequent products, both companies will be tapping into each other’s expertise. Easton will design products, while Hemp Life Today will provide branding, marketing and distribution.”

Carla Pepe, corporate secretary and marketing director of Easton Pharmaceuticals, commented, “We at Easton Pharmaceuticals are looking forward to be working with Hemp Life Today to utilize their marketing program to ultimately drive sales for Hempstral SA and other subsequent products.”

Hempstral SA is to be introduced in April at the Total health Show, held in Toronto on April 2, 3 and 4 along with VIORRA and its new wound healing and bed sore product, anticipated to be officially unveiled prior to the Total Health Show.

In other news, Easton Pharmaceuticals has replaced its current website contractor and hired the services of another website and branding consultant to revamp its website including corporate logo’s and logo’s of various other products. Additional updates on all of its Medical Marijuana initiatives, its ongoing negotiations, and its discussions with an expected manufacturing agreement in Mexico for Viorra to be shortly announced or as they become available.

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