Easton Pharmaceuticals Announces Major Initiative Supporting Its Focus on Unique Patented Women’s Health Products With the Appointment of Dr. Jose Tiran as Founding Member of Easton’s Medical/Scientific Advisory Board in Women’s Health

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Easton Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OTC: EAPH), in parallel with Easton’s focus on Women’s Health, Easton is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Jose Tiran Saucedo as the Founding Member of Easton Pharma’s Medical/ Scientific Advisory Board. In this capacity, Dr. Tiran will advise Easton Pharmaceuticals and its partner BMV Medica in planning the Latin American launches of its suite of patented, exclusive women’s health products over the coming months.

Dr. Jose Tiran is a Thought Leader (KOL – Key Opinion Leader) in Gynecological Infectious Diseases, and is a Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. He has been a strong advocate over the years in women’s health worldwide. Also, Dr. Tiran has published numerous peer-reviewed papers on the subject, and is also board certified in Mexico, a member of multiple health societies, and holds numerous other prestigious positions in the field of Women’s Health. Dr. Tiran is also well versed in other aspects of women’s health such as sexually transmitted diseases, female sexual health, contraception, vaccines and gynecology and women´s health and wellbeing.

Dr. Tiran stated, “I am very excited to be part of the program for these soon-to-be-launched women’s health and treatment products in the hope of providing to Latin American women the same choices they have in the US and Europe. We have a huge unmet medical need in Latin America for these kind of alternative diagnostic and treatment products. The vaginal discharge diagnostic test will facilitate a woman’s ability to determine the causative agent; the natural lactic acid treatment gel will provide a new, non-toxic treatment option, and put Latin American women on a par with North American and European women. The professional version of this diagnostic test will also enable the gynecologist to increase the accuracy in the differential diagnosis of vaginal discharge, right in the gynecologist’s office, something currently lacking in Latin America. The natural lactic acid gel treatment expected to launch in parallel with the diagnostic will be offered to women who test positive for bacterial infection and is a significant treatment option advance since it could obviate the need for potential use of antibiotics and further presence of bacterial resistance, so this is a promising and exciting development for the future of women’s health.”

Dr. Tiran further commented, “The amniotic fluid leak test will allow late-pregnancy women to have at their disposal a high-specificity/accuracy test at a fractional cost to other options on the market, with a very favorable ease-of-use component, thus contributing to an increase in the quality of perinatal care in Latin America. All these are new advances coming to Latin America, which I believe will catch on very quickly in both the community and the professional arenas.”

Evan Karras, CEO Of Easton Pharmaceuticals, stated, “We are extremely pleased to have retained the services and brought to Easton, someone with the quality and industry leading respect that Dr. Tiran holds. His status in the industry will no doubt assist in leading Easton to have its product lines well established resulting in sales success in the Mexican and Latin American Markets for both professional and consumer use.” Mr. Karras further commented, “The announcement of Dr. Tiran is a big leap with attaining industry leading credibility towards our goal of having all products approved and ready for launch by the end of 2015.”


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