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Exclusive Distributorship Finalized



Easton's Finalized Joint Partnership Agreement.

Easton Pharmaceuticals Inc. has entered into a 50/50 revenue sharing partnership with BMV Medica SA de C.V. for an exclusive distribution agreement with Common Sense Ltd. of Israel to become the exclusive distributor in the country of Mexico for their world patented woman's diagnostic Vaginal Infection Test, currently being sold throughout the United States, Canada and soon Europe.  Read More here

New Featured Products

Skin Renou HA Bottle Thin
Easton Pharmaceuticals is pleased to announce Skin Renou HA, Anti-aging Moisturizer.

Skin Renou HA is our newest Hyaluronic Acid fortified restorative moisturizer with active anti-aging ingredients. Skin Renou is an all natural moisturizer and contains No Parabans, Harsh Chemicals or Colorants.

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Easton Pharmaceuticals

Easton Pharmaceuticals Announces Update to Its Cancer Drug Initiative: Majority Acquisition, Patent Strategy and Clinical Development Along With New Partnership Proposal Involving Medicinal Marijuana Drug Development, More...

With the intent of entering the lucrative Medical Marijuana cultivation and distribution industry, Easton Pharmaceuticals proudly announces a signed Agreement with major California-Based Medical Marijuana Grower.

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Our Mission

To be a leader in developing natural tansdermal products that are clinically researched, safe, effective and proven to improve the health and well being of men and women. We will capitalize on the future promise of medical marijuana by delivering a new system of hemp based products.  Read More

Easton is moving forward on its cancer drug Xilive based on the encouraging survival and disease-free data from two late-stage, long-term cancer survivors who have been on Xilive for several years each. Learn about it Here

Our Investments

Easton Pharmaceuticals is nearing its limit on financing under regulation offerings. Easton Pharmaceuticals is now moving towards a "Reg A" filing to raise an amount up to $5,000,000 per year. Easton Pharmaceuticals also continues to close on partner agreement for Medical Marijuana.  Read More